Sustainable work – Using aluminum cups in sports competition

  • Sustainable work – Using aluminum cups in sports competition

    Whenever a popular sports competition or other similar activities is held in a large stadium, a lot of plastic garbage will be left after the end. Like Super Bowl games, the amount of disposable plastic cups and other garbage consumed after the end is counted in tons.

    The raw materials for plastics are mostly oil and gas. According to a report from United Nations at 2018, half of the plastic produced globally is designed to be used just once, and it resulting in 300 million tons of plastic waste a year. Nowadays, the top items recovered at beach cleanups are cigarette butts, drink bottles, bottle caps, food wrappers, grocery bags, drink lids, straws and stirrers. A report show that according to the current growth trend of plastic supplies, the oceans by 2050 will contain, by weight, more plastic than fish.

    To address this, many organizations and international brands such as the National Football League, McDonald’s and Starbucks have been exploring new ways to minimize the environmental impact of plastic products through sustainable concessionary packaging and the use of renewable energy.

    For example, a solution to replace disposable traditional plastic cups with 50,000 aluminum cups is currently being implemented at the Hard Rock Arena in Miami. This similar action will reduce the demand of almost one million plastic cups per year.

    Aluminum cups made by Cnshing

    Although these sustainability efforts often have large up-front costs compared to maintaining the status quo, they can bring long-term savings and positive environmental impacts. SHINING ALUMINUM PACKAGING CO., LTD, as China’s leading supplier and of aluminum cups and bottles, providing a variety of aluminum cups or any similar aluminum products to the world. It is encouraging to see these sustainable development concepts begin to penetrate mainstream sports events. If these efforts continue to be successful, sports competition will be a positive factor in reducing waste.

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