Is aluminum cups harmful to the human body?

  • Is aluminum cups harmful to the human body?

    aluminum cups

    aluminum cups

    As a metal element, when aluminum is absorbed into the human body, it has been confirmed to have a negative impact on human health. With the increasing application of aluminum products in recent years, more and more people are beginning to worry about it. We will ask, is it harmful to drink water or other drinks from aluminum cup?

    The answer is “no” !

    In fact, aluminum is the highest content element other than oxygen and silicon in the earth’s crust. And there are a large number of different forms of aluminum in nature. It can be said that human evolved on the aluminum stacks (of course, for aliens, may need to be attention). As long as the aluminum products are used normally, and do not contain acid or strong alkaline liquid for a long time, these aluminum products are very safe, and the small amount of aluminum ions they exude will not cause harm to the human body.

    In addition, aluminum is a very active metal, thus surface layer of the aluminum products we use is not aluminum, but a thick layer of aluminum oxide, which is very stable in weak acids, weak bases and neutral conditions, such as alumina found in natural conditions: ruby and sapphire.

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